Heatingspares247.com stock an extensive range of Inta Heating Products, including the Inta TRV’S Pack 15TWINA, Intaklean Magnetic Filter IK2MF22, Pressure Reducing Valves PRV22331510.1, Filling Loops FL12041500, Intamix 15mm Mixing Valve 40015CP, 15mm Auto Air Vent AAVB15, 1/2 7 Bar Temperature Pressure Relief  Valve 22010470, Auto Bypass Valve Angled ABPA22AT, Inta Klean 28mm Magnetic Filter IK2MF28 and Expansion Vessels.

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  • Inta 15mm G24 WRAS Approved Filling Loop FL12041500
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  • IntaKlean 2 28mm Central Heating Magnetic Filter IK2MF28
  • IntaKlean 2 22mm Central Heating Magnetic Filter IK2MF22