Heating Spares 247.com stock an extensive range of Vokera By Riello Boiler Parts & Vokera Heating Spares. They include Auto Air Vents, Air Pressure Switches, Diverter Valves, Actuator Motors, Pumps, Gas Valves, Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), NTC Thermistor Sensors, Heat Exchangers, Safety Valves (PRV), Condensing Units, Flow & Return Valves, Pressure Gauges, Time Clocks, Micro Switches, Manifolds, Diaphragms, Thermostats, Gaskets, Expansion Vessels, Wiring Harnesses, Electrodes, Controls Knobs, Burners, Injectors, Flues, Pipes, Venturi, Washers, Clips, Seals, O Rings, Cartridges, Non Return Valves, Fuses, Springs, Insulation Panels, Siphons, Conveyors, Condensate Traps.

Below are just some of the Vokera Boiler Spare Parts we specialise in:

  • Vokera Easi Heat Plus, Vokera Vision, Vokera Excel
  • Vokera AquaNova, Vokera Easi Flo Water Heater
  • Compact 24, 28, Compact 25HE, 29HE, 35HE
  • Excell 80E, 80Sp, 96E, Excell 25HE, 29HE
  • Eclipse 216ESS, 226ESS,
  • Linea 24, 28
  • Linea 25 HE, 28 HE, 30 HE, 32 HE, 35 HE, 36 HE,
  • Linea 726, 730, 735, Linea Max, Linea Max HE,
  • Maxin 24E, 28E
  • Mynute 10Se, 10E, 12/48 RS, 12 HE, 30 HE, 35 HE,
  • Synergy 25, 29, Syntesi 25, 29E, 35
  • Unica 28HE, 32 HE, 36 HE, i28, i32, i36
  • 20/80 Flowmatic

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  • Vokera 3 Way HTG Manifold complete with Cartridge & Motorised Valve 20034037
  • Vokera 3/4" Heat Water Cock 1592
  • Placeholder
  • Vokera Air Pressure Switch 01005272