Grundfos Conlift 1 LS Condensate Removal Pump 98452219

Grundfos Conlift 1 LS Condensate Removal Pump 98452219

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  • Manufacturer:Grundfos
  • Part Number:98452219
Grundfos technical number 01525 850000

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The CONLIFT range includes the CONLIFT1 and the CONLIFT1 LS, a cost effective entry level model.

This CONLIFT LS has a few less features than the CONLIFT1, but still offers a range of benefits including easy installation, low noise operation and superior reliability.

All CONLIFT models are supplied with an integrated NC/NO contact and cable so that if the overflow switch detects a high water level this can be used to switch off the boiler.

The advanced design of the CONLIFT range means they work automatically when condensate enters the collection tank from an appliance. The units then lift the condensate up to 5m in height and across a distance of several metres to the required drainage point. Another plus is that these units require minimal maintenance.

CONLIFT1 LS, is the latest addition to the robust and very popular Grundfos condensate removal range. Based on the strong and highly featured CONLIFT1, CONLIFT1 LS is a cost-effective, entry-level model, still capable of removing condensate in a wide variety of applications.

CONLIFT1, this version, includes a wired alarm contact which can be used to activate an external alarm device or to switch-off the condensate source in case of high water level inside the unit.

Thanks to the modular system, both CONLIFT1 and 1 LS can be upgraded with either an alarm PCB and/or neutralisation unit which can be retrofitted in case changing conditions require this flexibility.

Removal of condensate from

air-conditioning units
cooling and refridgeration systems
air dehumidifiers
in domestic and light commercial situations.

Features and Benefits (vary by model)
Very quiet and reliable operation
Maintenance free motor including thermal protection
Reduced number of starts
Up to four inlet connections
All installation material included
Suitable for pH level < 2,5 by neutralisation
IP24 splash guard
Manual test button to check operation
Very reliable float switch system
Smart inlet system with sedimentation and evaporation stop
Special shaft seal protection
Mounted non-return valve with bayonet lock for quick release
Upgrade/retrofit options
Unit with pH tester to monitor neutralisation capacity

Grundfos Conlift 1 LS Condensate Removal Pump 98452219 Grundfos 98452219 Conlift 1 LS Condensate Removal Pump